Peep lovers #202 local's guide to the proper method of consuming peeps
by Ellis
For the last forty years since their discovery I have been studying the culinary habits of peep lovers throughout the world. after much debate we here at peep lovers local #202 have come to agreement on the following...
Any peeps consumed must first arrive sealed in their original packaging in an Easter basket, after playing the game on the back of the package, the cellophane must be split for 2-3" along the north end with the peeps facing east.
The package must then be put away in a dark cabinet and ignored for at least two weeks. After aging test for hardness, the sugar should fall off to the touch, but the marshmallow should not be brittle.
Upon consumption, the pallette should be dry, and any talking should be kept to a minimum. The perfect peep should collapse in your mouth under tongue pressure, and then become a firm ball that slowly disintegrates with no further chewing.
I am considering working on a Peep Brew recipe for a good yellow chicken stout, if you are interested in home brewing of this or any other beer or just want a good kaluha recipe visit this site Cats Meow 3

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